Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY time

Louis Vuitton black paper chain padlock necklace - 1200$ /12 500 EEK / 700 GBP

And DIY Louis Vuitton paper chain necklace - almost free. I cut out wide ribbons from old black leather and then used the stapler to close the ribbons.

Camyland show

Camyland (store, where I sell the jewelry i've designed) had a little fashion show in Friday.
I was one of the models and all my outfits (plus the jewelry and bags) were so cool. Now they also sell some clothes from Piret Ilves ( collection too - electric blue and pink capes, coats and felt hats. I'm thinking about buying - those knee highs

Reedel oli Camylandil Taskus väike moeshow. Ma olin seekord üks modellidest.
Pean tunnistama, et kõik riided näevad seljas palju paremad välja kui riidepuudel rippudes, kuigi ma nendes hingata ei saanud. Just sel päeval saabusid müüki ka mõned asjad Piret Ilvese ( kollektsioonidest - nt elektrisinised ja roosad mantlid, keebid ning vildist kaabud ja kübarad. Ma tahaks endale neid Piret Ilvese põlvikud

So here is something from the backstage:
Hats and blue cape by Piret Ilves

/I'm wearing: Hat - Piret Ilves/Camyland,  zipper dress worn as skirt - thrifted, blouse - thirfted,  jacket - Lindex, necklace - DIY Louis Vuitton Paper chain necklace/ 

Pink jacket by Diana Kurves..(?) I'm not sure actually ;s. But it was super nice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

DIY colourblock tights inspired by House of Holland

Yay, I just invented a new DIY project - House of Holland for Pretty Polly striped tights. That's easy - just wear white tights, black biker's shorts, black knee socks, white socks and black ankle socks together. Comfortable? Don't think so. But it looks awesome and you can make several variations. And if you have money, then buy from here

Thursday, August 20, 2009

These shoes aren't made for walking

Today new earrings from Barbie's shoes joined with my little earrings family. Matchy-matchy with my Bronx shoes. It's birthday gift by Ulla, thanks;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All that glitter

Last I finished sewing pants for myself. Of course I didn't follow the instructions correctly and got some puffy pants instead of harems. Those aren't comfortable at all :D

Mint and broken cars

This mint coloured belt was my only purchase today. Look on the bright side - I saved my money and maybe I can even buy a new lens for my camera. And with new lens I can offer you better photos on my blog. Yay.

We also visited Sepa turg, it means "blacksmith's market" in translation. Anyway, it is a place of the most ugly clothes in the world.

Eva bought this striped shoulder bag from thrift store, we just discovered (Ringi pood, Ringtee 19 Tartu). Also one 50's looking smiwsuit with polka dots.

And I saw the most cutest lace-up shoes I've ever seen in thrift stores. Unfortunately those were too small for me, but maybe my little sis buys them.

/Today I'm wearing: pants - selfmade, leather jacket - thrifted, lace-ups - Vagabond/

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treasure chest

I just want to let you know that I got treasure chest from my grandmother. Actually a jewelry box. It contains her old jewelry and some material to make new stuff, everything from plastic earrings from 60's to fake pearls.

6th August

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Check out this 14 years old style queen from Denmark, Ida's blog - Buy The Way by The Girl

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dance camp

Laagrist siis nii palju, et meil käis külas Montoni meesterõivaste peadisaner Kaire. Ta rääkis väga huvitavalt oma töö telgitagustest ja kuidas kõik ikkagi päriselt käib. Põhiteema oli see, et mis vahe on moedisaneril ja moekunstnikul. Muidugi suudeti talt ka tobedaid küsimusi küsida, nt mis värvid on moes? :D Õhtul oli külaliseks moekunstnik Hanna Korsar, Supernoova võitja. Mulle meeldis et külaliseks just tema oli, sest enne ei teadnud ma temast eriti midagi. Me nägime näiteks väga algelisi, kusagil wc-s tehtud fotosid ta esimestest kollektsioonist. Kuulsime kui (füüsiliselt) raske on stilisti töö ;D Kahju oli muidugi kuulda, aga nii see on - kõik tema Supernoova võidukleidid seisavad hetkel vaakumkottides voodi all, Aldo Järvsool pidid need pööningul olema..

Camp was really cool, Monton men’s clothing designer Kaire visited us I talked about backstage of her job. Main theme was what's different between clothing designer and fashion designer. Of course some people asked stupid questions from her: "What colours are in fashion now?" Afterwards was our guest Hanna Korsar, who is the winner of Supernoova 2009 (Estonian Fashion Designer Contest). I really liked that she's was the special guest because before I didn't know anything about her. We saw photos of her first collections.., heard about hard life of stylists. It sad, but all her gorgeous dresses are now in vacuum bags under her bed.

Samal õhtul oli meil ka võistlus, kus pidime Sangari triiksärgi ümber tegema. Kuna need käised olid piisavalt laiad, et mu jalad sinna  ära mahuks tegime me traksidega püksid ja kaunistasime hõbedaste kivikestega, mis meenutasid neete. Kinnitamisel kasutasime me liimipüstolit, mis ei olnud just kõige vastupidavam ja tekitas mõnele meist kehavigastusi :D

Same night we had contest, where we had to redesign simple white shirt. We made pants that we  decorated with silver stones, which reminds us studs. We used hot gluegun, which was quite dangerous...:D

Õhtul õhtul oli meil stiilipidu, mille teemaks ametid. Me olime kõik kodutud/joodikud/töötud - parmupoisid (+1 tuuker).  
Other night we costume party which theme was occupations. We all were homeless/drinkers/unemployed (+1 diver)

Magnetic beats

I found perfect material for jewelry making - bullet casings, bullets and natural stones

I needed new magnets for my magnetic note board, so I made two new - one with studs and white leather and the other one with turquoise plastic gem