Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hands full of metal

/wearing random chains and watches/
Today was probably the most boring Saturday forever. Though I had big "to do" list: do homeworks, read "Three Musketeers", make jewelry orders, organise my closet, make some photos... I have lack of motivation, it's terrible :D Only things that cheer me up are Milan Fashion Week, new episodes of Gossip Girl, the fact I'm going to get one package by mail soon. And my searches of perfect mint green nail polish ended - I mixed it of yellow, blue and white nail polish by myself. 
Ok,  that lack of motivation and enthusiasm drives me crazy. What to do?
Recommend me some good inspiring blogs, sites, songs and movies:)


    And you could always check out my blog (:
    Heehee. Anyway, lovely blog!

  2. Hehee, meil oli Kolme musketäri peale eile töö kirjanduses. Õnneks oli see filmi kohta, mitte raamatu. Tõsiselt.. KIRJELDUSTEROHKE raamat, ainult sirvisin läbi. Õnneks polnud raamatutest. :D

    Ohjah, mul on ka blogi, aga minu blogist mingit inspiratsiooni ega muud sellist ei saa. :D Kahjuks.

  3. Honey take a break, do something different.
    Your blog is very inspiring to me but sometimes one gets burnt out from a lack of variety in the schedule.
    Try watching " Tri Mushketera " in russian. I remember I liked it. Actually we all liked it. Michail Boyarskiy WAS HOT! :)


    I love this blog! it makes me happy whenever i read it! They always have beautiful photography!

    and my blog is:

  5. great shoes + chains!
    when i'm bored I turn to classic sitcoms (Roseanne, Full House, Cosby show, etc etc

  6. love the random chains and watches check out my blog

  7. Thank you all.
    I'm in much better mood today.

  8. Angus and Julia Stone make beautiful music. Check them out on Myspace!

    Have a beautiful day

    Kristy x

  9. Oled The September Issue'd juba näinud? Tõmba endale:)

  10. Kristy: Oh, thery're pretty good, thanks


    Pony: Täna hommikul panin tõmbama, seni ainult 15% tulnud :D:D

  11. I love your blog! It's fantasticc
    like this picture =)