Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love Rodarte. Their knittings look amazing, like spiderwebs in magnificent colours. Mhh.. and I have to admit I love knitting, it's great activity while watching TV, okay I feel myself like granny now, only lock curlers are missing. So today I bought eight different tones of mohair yarn to make my own Rodarte inspired sweater,cardigan or dress. I haven't decided yet...

inspiration board
photos: rodartefashion/colette/ShinyStyle/tfs

Ma armastan Rodartet, nende kudumid on imelised, nagu ämblikuvõrgud maailma kõige ilusamates toonides. Mhh pean tunnistama.., et armastan ka kudumist. Seda on mõnus teha näiteks samal ajal telekat vaadates, okei.. ma tunnen end nüüd väga vana mammina, ainult lokirullid veel puudu. Igaljuhul täna ostsin ma kaheksa erinevat tooni mohäärlõnga, et kududa endale Rodartest inspireeritud kampsun/kardigan/kleit. Ma pole veel otsustanud milline neist siis.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crying wolves

Made those photos last night when everything was still OK, starring with my new wolf t-shirt. In one way it's quite tacky but in the other it's my alternative for Christopher Kane gorilla tees. And I'm lovin' it. And I love my school holiday too, until tonight. Now I'm going to talk you about the bad luck. Everything went so great - on Monday I received interview request from, yesterday press request from Romanian fashion magazine THE ONE, today I won two VIP invitations for RIGA FASHION WEEK. It's on the Thursday and Friday. I thought it's a dream, but it isn't - my first fashion week (hopefully not the last one). Now comes the bad part - I've a really high fever and head cold. So I had to cancel it. Why do things like that happen to me? Sorry about the negative post but actually everything besides that is great. ok now I need some sleep.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leggings by Piret Ilves

Earlier this week I received a little gift by talented Estonian designer Piret Ilves (visit Little cute faces with top hats print makes those leggigns the cutest ones I've ever seen.
I already have knee socks (here!) designed by her so those leggigns are perfect for me. Thank you!
You can also see my new white shredded tee in the photos. It's quite crazy - like gothic wedding dress made of spider webs. Shredding tutorial - here!


I gave a promise that I never wear something with leopard print but now I have to break my promise because I found this fierce woolly leopard print sweater from flea market yesterday.

/Wearing with thrifted belt and vintage shorts + zipper rings designed by me/

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Scored studded belt with over 500 ministuds on it from the flea market today. It was only 1$. Lucky me.
Now I need time to take off all those 500 studs... oooh my fingers already hurt

Later more about the flea market I visited today

The Teen Vogue Handbook

Today I went to the post office to get my copy of that book. I must say that I'm not huge fan of teen vogue , I have only a couple of issues. But that book seems so interesting. It's full of glossy pictures, exciting interviews and practical tips.

by Anna Wintor: Create your own individual style, I'm not interested in the girl who walks into my office in a head-to-to label look that's straight off the runway, I'm interester in a girl who puts herself together in an original independent way.

Someday when I've read it over, I can tell you more about it.

You can order it from here!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giveaway winner!

And the winner of thezipper ring giveaway is Tayler from Big hair and Bikinis, congratulations!

Beginning of this week I received package from my french pen-friend Alexandra (she also takes amazing photographs - ). Actually our goal is magazine exchanging - I send her some Estonina magazines, she sends me some French fashion magazines. It's super fun! Anyone else interested?

Friday, October 9, 2009


Here's my first giveaway to thank all my dear followers. Prize is zipper ring (big/black/golden). I'm sorry if you expected something bigger or more interesting :D but you can give me ideas for next giveaway.
To take part of giveway leave your name and email in the comments section. And please spread the word about my blog and this giveaway in your blog, twitter etc, maybe I can make 400 followers giveaway soon :D
Deadline: next Friday, 16th October.

Siis on siis mu esimene auhinna jagamine, et tänada kõiki mu toredaid lugejaid. Auhinnaks on üks mu lukusõrmustest. Vabandan, kui te ootasite auhinnaks midagi suuremat ja põnevamat :D aga te võite anda mulle ideid juba järgmiseks giveawayks.
Et auhinna loosimisest osa võtta, jäta kommentaaridesse oma nimi ja e-mail. Kui te jagate selle giveaway linki oma blogis, twitteris jne on üsna tõenöoline te ma saan varsti ka juba 400 followers giveaway teha :D
Tähtaeg: järgmine reede, 16. oktoober

PS! Check some blog and zipper jewerly features
*Karmaloop Ladies' Blog
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Asteroids and mint green bubblegums

I'm going to make a giveaway when I reach 300 followers, so I need only one more!

I'm sorry that usually I can blog only in the weekends, so one short post with photo of my favourite (self-made) necklace.
Excuse my ugly manicure, though I love that colour.

By the way I'm new guest blogger of blog called Words of our mouths.

Oh and don't forget to watch Alexander McQueen Paris Spring Summer 2010 show live at 8.15pm (Paris time). So only 45 minutes more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lot of things are going on lately.
Jennine from The Coveted bought my zipper cuff and made article and beautiful photos of it. Click here to see the article and more photos.

Outi from aslo made post about my zipper jewelry. I really appreciate that! Click here to see it!

Some time ago photographer Maris Arulepp from Mood on moes borrow my jewelry for photoshot and here is the result. For more photos click here!

Today I took part of "Tartu's face of fashion" contest. Here's photo which they took of me, not very beautiful but still something :D here:
You can vote for me if you click on the pink button "Hääletamisevorm" in the right side. Add your name (nimi), email (e-post), telephone nr. (telefoni number) and number of my photo - 109. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend!;)