Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leggings by Piret Ilves

Earlier this week I received a little gift by talented Estonian designer Piret Ilves (visit Little cute faces with top hats print makes those leggigns the cutest ones I've ever seen.
I already have knee socks (here!) designed by her so those leggigns are perfect for me. Thank you!
You can also see my new white shredded tee in the photos. It's quite crazy - like gothic wedding dress made of spider webs. Shredding tutorial - here!


  1. Wow, they're so adorable! Your shredded tee looks AMAZING by the way.

  2. hello

    It so cute!
    i love it! =)


  3. i really like that last photo. it's got cool edits

  4. Väga lahe foto on tehtud sukkadest jalas!
    Sukad on kenad ja pildi efektid on kenad!
    Elagu sukad ja ilus moeloome. :)

  5. i love that tee shirt! it totally looks like a spiderweb but a very very cute one!
    check out my blog:

  6. kas sa palun võiksid postita ka mõne pildi särgist täispikkuses. ta näeb yli lahe välja aga tahaks teada kuidas käised jäävad, või kus maal sa harutamise lõpetasid

  7. these are AMAZING! do you have any idea if they're available online somewhere?

  8. Oh my god - these are so cute and fun.Loving your unique style. ;)