Thursday, November 19, 2009

Avec moi?

I'm used to that fashion bloggers in my age are mostly girls. But owner of amazing blog called Avec Moi? is Ben, 14 years old boy from Denmark -
His outfits may look bit usual at first sight but I can't picture none of the boys in my class wearing anything else than sportswear or jeans+hoodie combo. So I think he's really cool. Plus he makes nice shoe sketches and fashion illustrations.
He made an interview with me, you can read it - here!. I really liked the questions he made so I asked him to answer to those same questions, so here is interview with him:

So Benjamin, where do you live? How old are you?
I live in Vejle, Denmark. And I'm 14 years old. (we fourteen year old kids are rockin'?)

Are they any good vintage shops or stores in your city? (If yes , then write them, not all of them, but 2 or 3)
There's a lot of thrift stores. Maybe there is some vintage stores. I don't know yet. But my absolute favorite store is H&M. I love H&M, they always have something chic, but to a love price.

You have a very good sense of style, in an very young age, what does your family/friends say about it?

My mom and dad, was very skeptical over this new style, and my interest in fashion. But later they accepted it and now they are the ones who support me most. My mom and dad doesn't know that I have a blog, neither does my friends in school. Actually no one of those people who live in my hometown that I have a blog, of the people where i live! 
I get a lot of weird up-and-down looks, but i just ignore that. I really don't care if someone says something negative to me.

I really like your shoe sketches. Are you interested in designing and making some real shoes someday?

Well, I'm more into clothes design. But of course, if I one day get a brand, then I would love to make shoes!

Career dreams?
Fashion designer. Or working at a fashion magazine. I don't know. There is so many things in fashion you can do.

Do you feel your country or city is fashionable?

My country? Yes! My city? uhh, a bit. Everyday i see some people that has the most perfect outfit on, and i wanna like, go over and take a picture of them. But there's not as many as there is in Aarhus or Copenhagen.

Are you going to move away from Denmark someday?

I think so. Yeah. I can picture myself, living in London or Paris. Where ever my career brings me, i live there. I dream of working in Paris, and having my own flat and just hang out in the city.

When did you start blogging? What inspires you? Do you take all your picture by yourself?
I started blogging in February, with the blog Tres Chic. But i deleted it, and took a break. Then later i created Avec Moi, so since April. What inspires me? hmm. My vision of fashion, and other people. Everything. And yes, i take every picture of me by myself.

What describes your style? Does music influences your style?
There no recipe for my style. But i get inspired a lot by rock n roll music. Especially The Kills. They are my favorites. It doesn't matter what kind of music I'm listening to. I dress, as i want to.

The Kills, Gossip, Ladyhawke, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ratatat. I hear them all the time. But everyday i find a new artist.

Name your favorite blogs?

I really like Adeline Rapon's blog. She is very beautiful and have a good style.

Sacha Hilton take the most inspiring photos.

The shoes!

and a danish blog. She's my favorite of all danish bloggers!

If you find a blog, what is the first thing you look at?

The person who is having the blog. And her/his style.

Do you believe in trends?

No, definitely not. I create my own trends. But I can get inspired of trends.

Any music, book, movie recommendations?

Beth Ditto from Gossip
The Kills
Books i read a lot of. But i read a lot of Dan Brown books.

"The Dreamers" and "2 days in Paris" is the 2 most best movies in the world. I love movies that has something to do with Paris, love, never-ending cigarettes and partying. But watch "2 days in Paris" it's a good movie.


  1. I checked out his blog, i love how its real simple, but i still wanted to go past the first page and see more.

  2. Are you from Denmark? i thought you came Estonia? love your blog btw!

  3. no, I'm from estonia.
    Benjamin is from denmark, it's interview with him.

  4. ahh sorry i didn't noticed that before now! great interview though:)

  5. What happened to his blog! :O
    It's gone!!! oh no!!! or is it just my computer or something? Oh shit!