Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Furry spiderwebs

I'm ill, again! Now I've stayed at home from school for couple of days and I've knitted and watched tv all day long. I decided to show you my Rodarte inspired knitted sweater - work in process. I've already finished the backside, it took about one week. So I think maybe two weeks more and my sweater is ready.
/Ma olen haige, jälle! Ma olen sellepärast paar päeva kodus istunud ja põhiliselt kudunud ja telekat vaadanud :D. Otsustasin teile näidata kuidas näeb mu Rodarte-inspired kampsun hetkel välja näeb. Ma just lõpetasin selja osa ja sellega läks umbes nädalake, nii et loodan et kahe nädala pärast on mu kampsun juba valmis./

Plus I added new scrolled zipper cuff to my etsy - shop here!. I know I supposed to think about new jewelry (I mean new ideas and materials) already but I just can't say no to people who still want zipper cuff so badly.
/Lisasin oma etsy poodi ka ühe uue luku käevõru - siin!. Ma tean et ma peaksin juba midagi uut välja mõtlema, ega ma ei saa ju igavesti jääda neid sarnaseid luku käevõrusid tegema. Aga ma lihtsalt ei suuda inimestele ei öelda, kes väga veel seda käevõru tahaksid./

Check out this amazing blog feature on - here! Thank you so much.


  1. that jumper looks incredible,

    absolutely stunning

  2. oha ma goda. those jewelry thing is amazing. :)
    all i can say is that you are talented. write to me on my email:
    i wanna do a interview :) (if you want to ) :D


  3. you knit too! what can't you do? even when you're sick!
    get better soon!

  4. I can't wait to see the finished product! great job :)

  5. I love your nailpolish! The sweater looks like it takes a lot of skill hardwork and I can't wait to see the finished product! Get well soon :o)
    {uninhibited fashion}

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  7. Ohmigosh, those zipper cuffs are so gorgeous, I adore them and admire you for such a great idea! Now I want one of those sooo badly...! Definitely going to visit your etsy now and then! Be prepared to ship some nice stuff to Poland :)
    xx, Agata

  8. That zipper cuff is amazing! It's so unique, and adds glam to the simplest outfit. Beautiful! Love the creativity; keep the pictures coming!

  9. hey nice designs girlie! keep it up! hugz from romania