Thursday, November 12, 2009


Finally finished reading The Teen Vogue Handbook. Ehh.. I'm not right person to say it because I don't know either but I feel that they glamorized this industry too much. But it was still very interesting to read.

And I just found coolest swimwear ever! 
We are handsome is Australian brand which makes fantastic handmade swimsuits. Those prints are definitely eye-catching. For more check out their site - here!

/Lõpuks lõpetasin ka The Teen Vogue Handbook'i lugemise. Ma ei ole küll ilmselt õige inimene seda ütlema, sest ega ma ju ise ka ei tea kuidas kõik tegelikult on, aga mulle tundus et nad ilustasid moetööstust liialt. Aga siiski oli see väga huvitav raamat.

Ja ma leidsin just maailma kõige lahedamad ujumisriided.
Nende vingete käsitsi valmistatud ujumistrikoode taga on Austraalia bränd We Are Handsome. Et rohkem pilte näha vaata ka nende kodulehte - siin!


  1. i really love those. they're beautiful.

  2. high fashion blog and gorgeous lady^

  3. You're right, they are amazing swimsuit prints!! I'm gonna check it out now. xoxo

  4. They are gorgeous! Love themm (:

  5. I just did a post about this swimwear!! Its so ridiculous and cool.

  6. I love Oscar and Elvis and their collaboration for We are Handsome is soooo good. Must buy.

  7. You are right; the industry is glamorized WAAAY too much.

    And, I adore these swimsuits!

    Keep up the great work with your blog. :)