Sunday, January 31, 2010

books and worms

Hey! just a quick Sunday's update. Well I haven't had very much time for my blog lately. And feel that's not going to change because now I have to start working on my collection for that student's fashion design contest (Moe P.A.R.K) Good news is that I got into final;) I have to create 5-10 looks for the 20th March.. oh that's going to be crazy... sewing 24/7.
Ok anyway, yesterday I visited the flea market with Ash. Again I bought some clothes for spring and summer.. oh I'm a horrible shopper but I really want spring to come quicker.
And I've always loved that classical trench coat + Doc Martens look. Well my trench (it's also from the flea market) isn't a Burberry and boots aren't the original Doc Martens but still.. At the moment I have only two crappy photos of it but maybe later..

Saturday, January 16, 2010


One more great thirft score! Something about that blouse reminds Miu Miu S/S 2010 collection. Those black spots look like little swallows, don't they? :D Tuuli transformed my blouse into her Miu Miu collage. It fits in great!

/I'm wearing: blouse - thirft store, pants - Lindex, belt - thirft store/

I'm planning to take part of one fashion design contest for students (Moe PARK 2010) so I'm probably going to be quite busy with that. But I'll try to make more posts next week.

And that scrolled zipper cuff is available - here

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice cold

Here another amazing thirt store find. White sweater/dress with golden beads. It cost only about 3$ - I felt like I'm stealing it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

(Oh I'm sorry, that post is going to be mainly in Estonian. I got featured in local newspaper, that's huge thing for me! and now I'm already working on a new DIY project but at the moment it will be the secret)

Jeeee, täna olin Eesti Ekspressi, nooh täpsemalt Areeni kaante vahel. Teemaks oli Areeni tuleviku tähed. Hommikul ei tahtnud leht kuidagi avaneda, ma lihtsalt ei julgenud vaadata. Ise kommenteeriks et, kui kellegil, kes ei tea võib natuke vale mulje jääda, sest Vogue oli siiski Teen Vogue ja isegi mitte ajakiri vaid veebileht. Igaljuhul tänud Laura Kallasveele ilusa pildi ja Anne Vetikule loo eest ;)

Lisaks avastasin ühel hommikul oma postkastist Milana Raamatu, kuigi ma lootsin ajakirju leida, sobis see ka. Kui ma üritaksin mingit arvustust kirjutada siis ei tuleks see kindlasti just eriti hea välja, nii et ma proovisin hoopis raamatu reklaampilti järele teha.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Our photoshoot today wasn't as same successful as my thirft store shopping yesterday. I didn't get any good photos but I hope that's enough to see my new black sheer blouse and furry sweater I bought yesterday. Later I'll try to take photos of rest of the amazing items I got yesterday. Meanwhile you can read two little interviews with me on those blogs - Emmy, Make It Fashion.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's celebrate!

Today, one year ago I made my first, very pointless blog post. Now one year has passed and my blog has improved a lot. One long and great year!

I got lot of questions about my self-made skirt. Here's close up of skirt from Draped and dotted and dazed and confused post. I think that's the fabric what makes that skirt so cool. I found it from local fabric store from cheap-fabrics section, good find!

Close up of DIY Burberry skirt

I also found some cool headphone plugs and used them in my new earrings, which are available here