Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sometime I feel like I take way too many random, pointless photos that my computer's memory has almost run out. but 14GB is still left=) (out of 300GB). Here are  only some of them. 

my desk back in February and still looks the same

ear cuffs

choosing clothes for the photo shoot

Karlie and some ears

But now I'm off to Tallinn for the weekend and hopefully I'm back on Sunday with some good news;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY Miu miu collar

This time I stole my DIY idea from . But who doesn't love Miu Miu?
I share some photos of the work-in-process with you though it's probably not very hard to figure out how to make that collar yourself.

*print out or draw yourself some swallows (or cats, daisys, naked lady) and use those as stencil. 

*cut the collar off a old men's shirt

*draw swallows on the collar, first with pencil and the with fabric marker (follow the instruction written on the marker's package).

*and you're done! well, my swallows don't look the most perfect ones but who cares;) 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ReUse Republic

As I told you there's was a Reuse Republic fair in Tartu on last weekend. Everything went great.. I think. I decided to share some photos with you.

And I even managed to find time for making two more ear cuffs, here they are:

redesigned jewelry by Helen Valk

I fell in love with this military inspired shirt made out of a old men's shirt (by Anna Aksjonova)

jewelry made out of old vinyl records

and fancy blouse redesigned by Kirill Safonov

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ReUse Republic

Hey! Tomorrow starts ReUse Republic fair in Tartu and I'm already super excited. I hope I have little bit time to make some more ear cuffs tonight, because I got lot of requests;)
but here you can see a little video clip about ReUse Republic
in english:

eesti keeles

Kus ja kuna?
Tartu Kaubamaja:
22-23.04 neljapäev, reede - 13.00-19.00
24.04 laupäev - 11.00-16.00
Lisaks korraldab Tartu Kaubamaja ka loosimise, kus on võimalik minu ehteid võita.
Vaata rohkem:

Monday, April 19, 2010

YSL wannabe

Last night magic happend to me. Okay, not really. I was going through the box I got from ReUse Republic to make new jewelry. And then I saw this weird old broken cuff. I was like wait, wait, isn't it looking like a Yves Saint Laurent Oval ring. Okay, not exactly but anyway.. I have my own wannabe YSL ring now. I wouldn't call it a DIY project - just a ridiculously lucky coincidence;)

here's the original ysl oval ring - my dream ring. I've been wanting it since..forever. Well actully I would take turquoise version if I had to choose

and here's mine

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ReUse Republic

ReUse republic is an Estonian environment friendly fashion project, where designers and high street brands collaborate - fashion designers use leftovers from high street shops to redesign them. New clothes, accessories and jewelry are sold at special fairs at big shopping malls. One this kind of fair takes place in Tartu on next week.
This time I also got a chance to design for them.

On Thursday I received big box full of... crap - old broken jewelry and leftovers from different stores. It was hard to find something usable from this box but still managed to found something.. Here's what I've done so far:

some ear cuffs

also as seen here (in the 2nd photo)


feather ear cuff

spike ring

this caused a huge mess on my table


Saturday, April 17, 2010


I feel so productive today. Made two knuckle rings - one with sideways cross and the other one big amethyst cluster

And hopefully I can show you a closer look of the other jewelry in this photo tomorrow;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Body zipper + ERKI moeshow casting

Võibolla olete juba kuulnud, et jällegi on oodata ERKI moeshowd nagu igal kevadel. Seekord on toimumispaigaks Vabaduse väljaku maa-alune parkla ja ajaks 29.mai kell 18.00. Igal juhul on ürituse korraldamine täies hoos ja juba otsitakse julgeid ja aktiivseid inimesi, kes esineksid show vaheetüüdidel. Tundub väga lahe ja soovitaksin kõigil castingust osa võtta;)

Hey, this was about the big fashion show for Estonian young designers which takes place in Tallinn on the 29th May, so I wrote only in Estonian. But if you happen to be in Tallinn at this time I would suggest you to go there. Based on my last year experience it was very cool. I'll give you some more information later.
Anyway I've been working on some body zipper jewelry lately, just for fun. I've seen many body chains but I wanted to try to do the same thing from zippers. Here's the first one:

Monday, April 5, 2010

around the bend

I'm sorry that I'm still blogging infrequently but I was in Tallinn on weekend. Luckily I had little bit spare time and I dropped in some thrift stores. Didn't find anything spectacular, only these blue shorts (I love that colour and pattern!) and zipper belt but still decided to show you them. Later I had a photo shoot with Liis Anton, I just loaned some of my clothes for the styling. I can't wait to see the photos and show them to you.

Oh and by the way, the winner of New York Design Shop DIY materials giveaway is Kasey, congratulations!