Friday, June 25, 2010


For first some announcements.
*I finally joined with tumblr world - Well, I still have to work on its appearance and atm there's quite few stuff. But there's gonna be some inspiration, everything I like, some of my own photos and so on. Feel free to follow;)

*Estonian make-up/hair artist Marii Sadrak showed me their new fashion editorial "Jutta's Breakfast" which was published on TheOnes2Watch (online magazine which is featuring the fashion industry’s up and coming photographers, stylists, hair/makeup artists, designers and more.) Well, I'm very proud of them and suggest you to check it out too - here. I also spotted the editorial on FashionCopius and AnotherMag.

And here's just one maxi dress I picked up today. It's very light I would work great as a beach cover-up.

/wearing: maxi dress - H&M, self-made spiked headband/

NB! If you comment and leave your email you have a chance to win CSNStores 40$ gift certificate. Read more - here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

random vol 3 + giveaway with CSN stores

Here comes bunch of photos - about nothing and everything.

Note: If you comment on this post or on any other my upcoming posts during 24th June to 1st July and leave your email you can take part of CSN stores giveaway. They're giving away 40$ gift certificate to one of my readers. It's not very fashion related but you can find there everything useful from lighting to water pumps. Okay, just joking. There's loads of stuff I would love to take with me - like these wall stickers, I've always thought that walls in my room are too plain and boring. Well you can all the products by yourself from - here. Unfortunately opened only for my North American readers ;( Anyway.. It's easy, just leave your email! And then I'll pick a winner by using

I listed up some more spiked headbands - here, because the last ones were sold out so quickly.

Before A went back to usa she left me bunch of old Russian Vogues. Now here they are - on my floor, no more free space on my shelves.

I made her this handjewelry (ring + bracelet or whatever you call it) as a goodbye gift.

new thrifted leather shorts

/wearing: hat - reserved, cardigan - thrift store, shoes - vagabond/

And don't forget to leave your email in case you want to take part of the giveaway. 
xx, I hope you're having a great summer time; )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

walk walk fashion baby

Teaser from today's photo shoot. I quite like the outfits we put together with Liisa. This is probably my favourite detail from the shoot - bit miu miu looking chunky heels and leopard socks. I have no idea how the real photos turned out but I hope I can show you more !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DIY Rodarte fall 2010 shoes

I still can't get over how amazing are these Nicholas Kirkwood shoes for Rodarte fall 2010 (1145€ at LuisaViaRoma). Heel looking like covered with melted candle wax is stunning and also pretty DIYable! I decided to try this candle wax thing... though my version isn't definitely that cool and I'm still craving for original version.

But let's start from very beginning. Last week I received huge trash bag full of shoe samples from Vagabond/Bronx/Blink dealer here in Estonia. They thought maybe I want to use shoes as material (leather, chains, zippers, studs and so on) to create something new or try redesigning them. Otherwise these would have been burnt, because shoe samples are actually totally useless. So now.. I have loads of shoes in my room.. and it smells like a shoe store (yuck!). Some of them are from fall 2010 collection and aren't even available for sale yet.
For my luck I got one white shoe by Bronx which was perfect for this Rodarte DIY.

Here it is: (unfortunately I have only one shoe from each pair, as I said - these are just samples)

Start with dripping candle wax. It's easy, just hold a candle and the shoe horizontally.

Actually you can leave it like that but I added some ribbons to make it look more like Rodarte's.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Oh, I'm total lazy Sunday mood, sitting on my coach wearing big black sweater and watching movies (it's time for the Runaways now). Hopefully I'll do something more useful tomorrow.
But here are some photos we took with Liis on other day, just for fun; ) 

Photo, Retouching, Make-up: Liis Anton
Model, Wardrobe: me

black sweater, leather shorts - thrift store

feather ear cuff - selfmade

striped sweater - selfmade

And I was featured on The Trendy Fashionista blog with my YSL copycat ring. Click here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

DIY Celine spring/summer 2010 dress

After seeing Karmen wearing this lovely dress at Celine SS 2010 show

and after trying on this Celine inspired dress at Mango I decided to DIY.

For that one I grabbed a potato sack looking dress from a thrift store for 1$. I sewed black edges and add a black cord. Eeeeeeeeasy But actually quite time-consuming.

Seems like I'm in a DIY mood, at the moment I'm working on a Rodarte DIY project. And no, it's not a knitting, can you guess what is that?

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Here's a little teaser for you from the photo shoot I had with Liis Anton today. I have a feeling that photos turned out very great... we'll see.

Here's one older photo by Liis which I haven't showed you yet. Skirt and earrings are made by me, lace body and bag are from thrift stores. Model: Inna

And be sure to check June issue of Anne&Stiil (Estonian women's magazine) because there's shopping guide by me and Liisa from There's stores you should definitely check out - boutiques, Estonian designers, thrift stores, vintage - everything.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


On last week I visited Zoology&Geology Museum here in Tartu. I don't know... somehow it felt so inspiring that I decided to take some photos and share with you. The museum itself was mysterious too - dim light, lot of glass cupboards and dead animals staring at you with their glass eyes. I'm not suprise that many designers are inspired in world's fauna, it's just amazing. All those patterns and textures! And I'm not even gonna talk about mineral stones I saw at Geology Museum. I only wish I had skills for making jewelry out of them.

and some other photos I found on web:

Sorry that I bothered you with photos  of taxidermy and stones, totally not fashion related :D

And two random photos from yesterday:
Trying on some swimming wear @lindex. oh god, swimwear and summer sandals selection here in Tartu is terribly small.. or I'm just too picky.

new sweatshirt and fur tail

And I just want to add that tomorrow I'm going on a class trip to Lithuania for three days. So I can't update either reply to your emails. Three days without internet - good for me;)