Monday, July 12, 2010

behind the scenes

I wanted to tell you little more about a shoot I had while ago, you have seen its preview - here. Actually the shoot was just practising how to photograph a model for bunch of photographers living in Tartu. For most of them photographing is just their hobby. So the shoot wasn't very proffessional, model Maria had no previous experience and I and Liisa aren't real stylist either.
But that's how you get experienced.
I don't have photos to show you yet but I do have a behind a scenes video which Henno made.
(I'm the one in black, eating icecream and walking around awkwardly)

Tartu shoot from Henno Luts on Vimeo.

(ps! the pink poncho wasn't part of our styling, it's was just to prevent model catching a cold:d)

anyway, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I'm off to my summer cottage, which is in a little town by sea. And I will stay there for couple of weeks. No computer, no internet (expect for 30 minutes a day in a library computer:D) - don't expect any new posts. But after I'm back I'm hopefully full on inspiration and motivation and you'll see lot of new photos.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

if I had a heart †††

*I want to thank everybody for taking part of CSN giveaway. For this time the winner of 40$ CSN store gift certificate is Angela Joy , congrats!!

*Talking about giveaways.. There's a giveway where you can win digiprint of a illustration by Estonian illustrator Kätlin Kaljuvee on her blog. There's two illustrations to choose - Bluebubble or Blackswan. Go here to choose your favourite and have chance to win it.

I'm having a weird obsession again - animal skulls and antlers. Though mostly jewelry inspired by them. I bet you all know jewelry designer Pamela Love (or if not click here) and her jewelry with bird skulls, claws, talons and so on. Her jewelry has always been top of my wishlist and now I'm truly amazed when I found many jewelry designers on Etsy who do very similar jewelry.. maybe even cooler ones.
And then I'm really into skulls in interior, like in the photos below. And animal skulls with antlers.. they give me creeps.. but I love them at the same time. I saw some at a anique store in my town... considering getting one.
Anyway here comes a bunch of photos.

fashionology blog

Monkivintage deer skull and antlers

Pamela Love's inspiration board and her talon cuffs and bird skull necklaces

tumblr, unknown source

BillyBlue22 bird skull necklaces

BloodMilk two finger owl skull ring

BillyBlue22 bird skull necklace

And my favourite one, mrd4 solid bronze human skull pony tail holder