Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3. day at Copenhagen fashion week Wackerhaus and Ivana Helsinki

Wackerhaus showed some very interesting colours - mustard, dusty rose, faded green whatever you call them. I fell for the sharp edges on blazers and some ninja thematic things in models' hair. And I've always liked when models all come out in finale together.. like one big army. 

Ivana Helsinki was all in nautical theme which isn't anything new but somehow it felt fresh. I would like to spend my next summer in Haapsalu, walking by the sea and wearing these dresses! And the first dress - again, made me like yellow more and more. I liked the idea of shoes made of ropes but I really think that the outcome wasn't the best. By the way the accessories from ropes (belts, bracelets) are pretty DIYable!

Asta on runway

Kind of bad photo of my outfit on Friday but the only one I have
/wearing: blouse and shorts - thrift store, bag - Zara, ear cuff - self-made./

Monday, August 30, 2010

3. day at Copenhagen fashion week - Minimarket, THS, Moods of Norway

Two announcements:
*Because some of my readers requested for it I finally gave up and made a formspring account. Now you can post all your questions there - www.formspring.me/stylehurricane
*Updated my shop! Some new ear cuffs available now, check it out - here.

Back to the fashion week. After S'Nob de Noblesse we had 4 shows in a row by Norwegian designers. First of them was TSH (Tina Steffenakk Hermansen). The first part collection with bright and colourful underwater prints was beautiful but little bit too much for me. Almost tacky. I quite liked the white & red coral print. The huge golden lobster headpieces were fun too.
The sequined black final dress was gorgeous, though the long train looked bit akward, maybe it was jus the model who couldn't handle it.

Moods of Norway showed us some bright and joyful suits for guys and girls;) I like the idea of blue shoe sole.

Then came Minimarket! One of the shows I looked forward the most. Went there with Benjamin and Ida, before the show we coincidentally met With Maja, Elizabeth, Fanny and Mille. This was the best thing that could every happen because we had so much fun later;) 
Minimarket was great, orange have never looked so good before! This was the second show where I noticed some black see-through knits. Acne also has something like this (photo) so it's definitely time to find out my knitting needles again. And did you noticed the shoes! I'm really into those huge wooden platfroms.

/before the show, photo courtesy of Ida/

/with Maja after the show/

/Wore my feather ear cuff on that day and it got lot of attention!;) In the end of the day sold it to Maja./

Sunday, August 29, 2010

new look

Updated some of the feather ear cuffs a little bit, added some chains, crosses, arrowheads... Also made three new ones, without feathers.
Should I put the new versions up for sale? what do you think?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday at Copenhagen fashion week - Veronica B. Vallenes, Ivan Grundahl, S'Nob de Noblesse

I'm gonna continue with friday.
After Simon Rasmussen show we went cityhall to see Veronica B. Vallenes show. I couldn't snap very good photos so I'm not gonna talk much about it. Though I really liked the collection - pastel colours with some shiny accents. But what I liked the most was chunky golden and black plastic(?) jewelry. This encouraged me to wear more jewelry.. and I mean something chunky and remarkable. During the fashion week.. before and after the shows and spotted some very cool huge earrings, rings etc. on people around me, I felt kind of naked wearing no jewelry at all.

Then was time for Ivan Grundahl show.
The models looked like they just have been wrapped into loads of fabric just like their heads. The turbans were cute though, reminded me honey bee nests. There were lot's of layers and different textures. I though that the whole collection was very consistent. My favourite elements were maxi-lenght and see-through black knittings.
The all-white looks looked little bit too much like blankets around models' bodies, I liked the ones with khaki and olive green much more.

From S'Nob de Noblesse I have only two photos and those are both of a leather backpack. Which isn't anything new, Alexander Wang did something like that while ago but now I started liking them even more. I already have two small backpacks but they're quite useless. Now I want one which actually fits something.

There's more to come, there were so many shows on Friday!