Monday, August 30, 2010

3. day at Copenhagen fashion week - Minimarket, THS, Moods of Norway

Two announcements:
*Because some of my readers requested for it I finally gave up and made a formspring account. Now you can post all your questions there -
*Updated my shop! Some new ear cuffs available now, check it out - here.

Back to the fashion week. After S'Nob de Noblesse we had 4 shows in a row by Norwegian designers. First of them was TSH (Tina Steffenakk Hermansen). The first part collection with bright and colourful underwater prints was beautiful but little bit too much for me. Almost tacky. I quite liked the white & red coral print. The huge golden lobster headpieces were fun too.
The sequined black final dress was gorgeous, though the long train looked bit akward, maybe it was jus the model who couldn't handle it.

Moods of Norway showed us some bright and joyful suits for guys and girls;) I like the idea of blue shoe sole.

Then came Minimarket! One of the shows I looked forward the most. Went there with Benjamin and Ida, before the show we coincidentally met With Maja, Elizabeth, Fanny and Mille. This was the best thing that could every happen because we had so much fun later;) 
Minimarket was great, orange have never looked so good before! This was the second show where I noticed some black see-through knits. Acne also has something like this (photo) so it's definitely time to find out my knitting needles again. And did you noticed the shoes! I'm really into those huge wooden platfroms.

/before the show, photo courtesy of Ida/

/with Maja after the show/

/Wore my feather ear cuff on that day and it got lot of attention!;) In the end of the day sold it to Maja./


  1. Need TSH esimesed värvilised kleidid on päris toredad ja suvised, samas seda lobsteri ideed on leiardatud juba korralikult. Ear cuff näeb selja tagant vinge välja!

    --Nolita Vintage--

  2. sa võiksid eesti keelse jutu ka alla panna :) .

  3. Amazing photos!! Check out my new blog:

  4. the girl with the flower in her mouth...
    you are so lucky to have gone to fashion week! how does the process go? do you have to be a somebody to go in to buy tickets? or can anyone go (which is most likely no) so challenged, I'm sorry lol

    xxo. f ashioncont a gious

  5. Love the flowery dresses!
    And I really liked your photo with Maja, it looks like Model Street Style!

  6. that long black sequined gown is a dream. you looked adorable as well :)

  7. @Krissu blogii: maybe it's just me, aga mul võtab juba ühe postituse tegemine nii palju aega, et kui ma peaksin veel kahel keeles kirjutama võtab see topelt aega.

    @Julie Ling: Usually tickets aren't sold to fashion weeks (Only Henrik Vibskov sold standing tickets to his show). I sent request for invites and got them

  8. you guys are always in these fashion shows.. how do you do it?
    i want to go to one so badly!
    i actually have a cousin who's a hairdresser at modalisboa and i never went to see his work.. i really shold :D