Thursday, August 26, 2010

Copenhagen fashion week - second day

For me the second day started Peter Jensen. The show was obviously very crowded and I arrived very late so I had to stand and couldn't see much. After show I saw a red carpet and someone getting in a car - surrounded with tons of photographers. I was bit confused what's going out but later I found out that it was Danish Crown Priness Mary. Hmm... stupid me.

Next show was Wood Wood where I met Benjamin, Ida and Asta. Before the show I got shot by Stockholm streetstyle. That was pretty cool because it's one of my favourite street style sites. Though my outift was quite simple on that day..

/I'm wearing a self-designed jacket, thrifted leather shorts and top, random sandals/

Waiting for the show to start; reading fresh Dansk Daily and Cover. I really liked the venue (Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art) - spacious and light.

The collection itself was way too sporty for my taste. But it was really cool that all the models were soaked in water. Hair, clothes, floor were all wet. Nice highschool/sports camp mood.

Next show was for Swedish brand StyleIn and I liked it a lot! Minimalistic, maxi lenghts, sheer fabrics, drapings, wedges - all the factors I like.

Our last target of the day was Urban Outfitters' Got Talent Exhibition event. Three students from the Danish Design Schools were presenting three views on new fashion textile design. Urban Outfitters itself was nice too, it's one of the stores I've always wanted to go.
Spent loads of time at their books department. 

And then found those fantastic brown leather shorts (so Chloe) from their vintage selection.

Acne stuff was amazing aswell. Uhhh shearling jackets, galaxy prints.. and Admire boots of course!

Anyway the second day was already cooler than the first day.. it got better with every day!;)


  1. I love the StyleIn show a lot! So cool that you are on stockholm streetstyle!


  2. The books department looks awesome and the leather shorts too!

    --Nolita Vintage--

  3. Ooer.. I love your pictures.. great capture of the day:)

    what a style.. inspired.



  4. The wedges in the InStyle show are so gorgeous <3<3

    that is you in the crowd in the fifth picture isnt it:)
    leidsin selle pildi Andy Torres`i blogist
    alguses kahtlesin, kas see ikka oled Sina;)

  6. I go to the school in Hobart, Tasmania where Princess Mary came from!

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  8. L.J: olen jah mina, päris mitu inimest juba maininud mulle :D

  9. I saw you on Stockholm StreetStyle blog. Very cool!

    Embracing Style

  10. vintage collection is so great!

  11. i love the shoes and kiss blouse
    nice pictures

  12. that black double-heelpiece shoes , seem to be really dangerous to walk in them:(