Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday at Copenhagen fashion week - Veronica B. Vallenes, Ivan Grundahl, S'Nob de Noblesse

I'm gonna continue with friday.
After Simon Rasmussen show we went cityhall to see Veronica B. Vallenes show. I couldn't snap very good photos so I'm not gonna talk much about it. Though I really liked the collection - pastel colours with some shiny accents. But what I liked the most was chunky golden and black plastic(?) jewelry. This encouraged me to wear more jewelry.. and I mean something chunky and remarkable. During the fashion week.. before and after the shows and spotted some very cool huge earrings, rings etc. on people around me, I felt kind of naked wearing no jewelry at all.

Then was time for Ivan Grundahl show.
The models looked like they just have been wrapped into loads of fabric just like their heads. The turbans were cute though, reminded me honey bee nests. There were lot's of layers and different textures. I though that the whole collection was very consistent. My favourite elements were maxi-lenght and see-through black knittings.
The all-white looks looked little bit too much like blankets around models' bodies, I liked the ones with khaki and olive green much more.

From S'Nob de Noblesse I have only two photos and those are both of a leather backpack. Which isn't anything new, Alexander Wang did something like that while ago but now I started liking them even more. I already have two small backpacks but they're quite useless. Now I want one which actually fits something.

There's more to come, there were so many shows on Friday!


  1. i would kill to be you right now. see you next summer!

  2. Love the maxi sheer knit dress!!! Its amazing!


  3. The second one I think is the best. The layers are gorgeous!

  4. @Ash: can't wait. let me know when you're coming, I'll start making plans ;)
    @Cara: I'm with you, I also think that it's a very strong collection.

  5. I really like the white face make up though! the khaki dress thing is def the only stand out, and so was the black mesh one, but then again it didn't look really original

    xxo. f ashioncont a gious