Friday, August 27, 2010

home sweet home

Friday at Copenhagen fashion week started with Simon Rasmussen (check show at NyTap. He's known mostly as a stylist and it was his first collection.

/before the show/

/my new bag I bought on Thursday/

/installation by Javier Tapia/

I was waiting for something special because invitation promised that (take a look at invitation - here). And I didn't have to disappoint, it really was something. In the beginning two crazy, sexy dancers came in and started pouring milk over themselves. 

Then the models came in, it was like a scene from some big city's street. As Rasmussen said it was inspired the street heroes - the homeless, the prostitutes, the crazy people, the ones, nobody want's to be around. Definitely provocative and controversal. Homeless look gone too far.
With some looks it was hard to understand is it piece of clothing or just trash piled over model. He must have been to junkyard to gather material for his collection. There were everything - stuffed animals, plastics bottles, blankets, cans, newspapers, plastic bags and so on. Crazy platform sneakers were remarkable as well. To really get what I'm talking about be sure to watch a video of the show - here

Don't know what to think but least it was refreshing between all the other usual shows.


  1. Mulle siiani meeldib väga see esimese pildi puudriroosa-mustaga pluus!

    -Nolita Vintage-

  2. Väga vinge tundub! Chekkasin videot kah;)

  3. haha it looks like fun anyway. the first picture is lovely


  4. LOVE the SIMON RASMUSSEN show. It reminds me of the "derelict" show in Zoolander. Those leopard print shorts are so hot! I need them for this Australian summer coming up !!!

  5. I love your new bag! ♥
    And these photos are cool, the show interesting, but kind of extreme :D

  6. I love your new bag! Its awesome. Where did you get it from?

  7. @Marissa: cool, I haven't seen Zoolander but i think I'm going to watch it tonight;)
    @Patricia: thanks! It's from Zara.