Sunday, December 26, 2010

behind the walls

Sorry I've been away for a while. I was quite busy working on a styling job for a photo shoot with Aleksandra Podburtnaja. Two days before the shoot the most terrible thing happened - I caught a cold. Not like 'fun, staying home from school, watching TV' sick but like very sick 'staying in bed all day long'. There was no way I could to the photo shoot in Tallinn. I was quite panicked out but in the end everything worked out. I sent the clothes to Tallinn and directed the shoot through mobile phone. It was quite humourous, I must say. Now I'm very excited to see the final result. At the moment I have four behind-the-scenes photos to show you. Did I mention that the shoot took place in a old, ice cold prison? At this point I'm glad I didn't have to be there...


  1. Can you appreciate when more ear cuffs will be back in stock again? Almost everyone is out of stock in your webshop :(

  2. @Sofie: There's still some with black, blue, white and red. Trying to add the natural ones back in stock next week.

  3. ah annie i'm so sorry to hear that!! i was practically bedridden on christmas eve...and then it just oddly went away!

    i wanted to let you know that i am launching a magazine called atomica and that i really would love to do a story on you and your sister with the ear cuffs, as they've no doubt been a great success. let me know if you want to contribute anything else. details are on my blog under "atomica mag" and the first issue's theme is omen/gypsy.

    take care and happy new year

  4. Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

  5. Where do you buy those feathers that you use in your ear cuffs?

    Take care!

  6. Oh no, thats no fun I hope you are feeling better now!! The photoshoot looks the photos especially the black and white one with the turbans. It must have been really hard directing it by phone but it looks as though it turned out well in the end!!
    Check out and follow:
    Happy Holidays xxx