Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hanging around in Bali - GeboMana

There's on thing I've wanted to tell you about. It's called GeboMana. They make organic, handcrafted limited-edition t-shirts. What makes them special is that for every t-shirt they ship, they educate a child for 2 months. Click here to find out how to get one for yourself and your beloved ones.

My shirt has the coolest tribal prints which I'm really into.


  1. Jääb veidi segaseks mis särk see on :S Äkki seletaksid ?

  2. I was just wondering, what type of feathers do you use on your earcuffs? Very interested!

  3. @Anomymous: see on särk, mis on käsitsi tehtud Balis. Gga särgi pealt, mis leiab uue omaniku, rahastatakse arengumaades ühe lapse haridus kaheks kuuks