Friday, May 27, 2011

Brunch @ Helsinki10

On Wednesday morning we had an amazing brunch with fashion bloggers from Estonia and Helsinki in Helsinki10 concept store. This place was.. oh my.. I seriously wanted to own every other item from there. And I feel bad that I even didn't know before that a store like this excists somewhere so near to Estonia as in Helsinki. I must go back there! and hopefully with lots of money then..

The food they served us was also amazing and it was nice to meet with fashion bloggers from Helsinki, like Liisa from Hel-Looks, Maria, Mikko, Taru and the girls from Up with Kallio organisation.
You definetly will be hearing more about my Helsinki trip soon; )


  1. the shoes in the first pic look amazing! wow.
    and im hungry now. ^^

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful clothes ;-)
    And that food looks yummy!!


  3. great pics! yummy :)

  4. I'm starving! :D

  5. wow sounds like a great time and the photos are really cool :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  6. Cool. I liked it too.

  7. Did you see that your look was selected in Zara PEOPLE! ? Here you have the link I started following you :) xx