Monday, August 22, 2011


Projekt is an new Estonian label by two young designers Riin Kõiv and Äli Kargoja. Their aim was to create something really clean and concrete. And I think that's exaclty something what was missing from the fashion scene in Estonia.
My favourite piece from the line must be this white sweater, because the simplest things are the best.

Check their page for more photos and information.
Products are available at Nu Nordik, Reede and Les Petites in Tallinn.


  1. you have such a great body,everything looks so good on you.the sweater is really cool!

  2. this sweater is just awesome! I love this minimalism <3

  3. sinu valitud pusa esitlus haakub nii kenasti rõivaeseme endaga. üldse meeldib "projekti" idee väga ja isegi nende logo font on mu lemmik.:)

  4. Tänud! Jaa see font meeldib mullegi, kasutan oma blogis üsna sarnast.. kui mitte sama.