Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last Sunday was perfect for visiting some flea markets around Manhattan. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Brooklyn one. You should check Hellskitchenfleamarket.com for more information, they have one marketplace on West 25th Street and the other one on West 39th. I'm sure they also have some special holiday markets coming up! This time I didn't draw much attention to vintage clothing and jewelry (of which they had a fantastic selection). I was more fascinated by all the other bric-a-brac and interior design items.
 I have a few days left in New York and I'm already very tired of all those big luxury department stores, so I'm asking does anybody have a good guide for vintage and thrift shopping in New York? What places are your favourites?

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  1. hello! I live in New York and I love thrifting, so I can give you a few tips on where to go for the best, or most popular, areas! There's many thrift/vintage/consignment shops in East Village. They also have amazing restaurants there. My favorites are Cadillac's Castle and Cure. A lot of my friends like AuH20. For more "hipster"-thrift shopping, you can check out Williamsburg in Brookyln. They have a huge Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange there.