Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday afternoon at Bergdorf Goodman

Aftet I had finished my job yesterday I stopped by Bergdorf Goodman, where Teen Vogue x Marc by Marc Jacobs were just having a some kind of shopping event. Drinks and sweets were served and they offered you a Minx manicure with signature Marc Jacobs prints. Later I had a frozen yoghurt with chocolate chips at their 5F bar and tried on couple of Helmut Lang dresses.. probably going back some other day to decide which one to get.


  1. Kõlab jah väga fancylt, nagu usual Saturday afternoon in gossip girl's world :D

  2. I love the minx nails :D Did you get your made? :)


  3. goshh girl, you're so lucky! I wish I was you there and Are you some kinda a fashion editor ?
    congratulations .)manu