Saturday, November 19, 2011

visiting the MoMA

I bought this book about NYC art scene to find out all the museums and galleries I should go to. I started with the biggest and the nearest one for me here in Midtown - The Museum of Modern Art

I've always dreamt about going to go the MoMA so I was pretty amazed by the fact that it's really happening.

/One: Number 31. 1950. Jackson Pollock. Abstract expressionism/

/Mirror Stratum, Robert Smithson (American, 1938-1973)/

/The Absolutely Naked Fragrance. 1967. John McCracken. minimalism/in the foreground

/Untitled. Man Ray. 1930/

In between visiting the exhibitions I sat down in their Terrace cafe and had a delicious cauliflower and blue cheese tart with fresh figs.

/Keith Haring/

/From their Architecture and Design department I enjoyed the 20's the most/

/Frank Stella/

/Nan Goldin/

There was also a installation by Rirkrit Tiravanija in the middle of the musem. He had transfered the contents of the gallery's back office to the display place and hot Thai curry with rice was cooked and served there for free. Visitors were invited to come, sit down and have a curry.
In the end I obviously visited the museum's book and design store and left with a handful of prints and postcards.


  1. Kas sa ei tahaks oma modellitööst ja praegusest elukorraldusest kirjutada ja mida nüüd erinevates riikides teinud oled? Tundub nii põnev, et saad palju reisida ja lisaks veel ringi ka uudistada. :)

  2. Hei! Mis asjus sa New Yorgis oled üldse?

  3. oh, I can't express how much I love art articles! It seems like a great gallery <3

  4. @Anonymous: Ma saan aru küll, et seda oleks ilmselt huvitavam kuulda..., aga ma pole väga mõelnud sellest rääkida.. proovin rohkem seda visuaalset poolt rohkem täita.;);)