Thursday, July 5, 2012

july 4, london

a bit more colours from yesterday.

crêpes with ham and cheese!, almost as same good as in Paris

Italian sweeeets

And of course the summer sale is everywhere but so far I've been avoiding it. 100m long queues and clothes on floor a la Zara isn't really my thing.


  1. mmm I remember eating crêpes in Paris, down la Tour Eiffel, it was perfect!
    Have fun in London :D

  2. Beautiful photography!!
    Funny enough, I just posted today about summer sales and a couple of the items I picked up for next to nothing ;)
    You can see it here:

    If you can find a remote Zara or's worth stopping can find some great things right now ;)

    By the your blog :)
    New follower!


  3. I personally think, Zara is the worst when it comes to sales.
    I was in their London store during last summer's sale, and it was insane. Even though it is a lot smaller and calmer in Copenhagen, you still get stressed from being in there.


  4. ooh, where is that crepe shop?? on oxford street? need one immediately!!
    ps - i just found your blog through IFB feature, congrats, i like it a lot!

    1. It's from Crepe Affaire
      I got mine from the Old Spitalfields Market but they also have a cafe in Soho.
      Thank you very much!

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