Sunday, August 19, 2012

dazzled by spots

Seems like 83-year old japanes arist Yayoi Kusama is taking over New York, she's everywhere! Retroperspective at Whitney Museum, posters in subway, construction site on 14th Street covered in Yellow Trees artwork, installation at Hudson River Park,  the entire Louis Vuitton 5th avenue covered in polka dots and windows featuring the collaboration with the artist.

See more of Kusama's work, bio and information on current shows on 


  1. Appi, kui lahe on see tapiline maja sein! :)

    Anneli x

  2. I adore her. There is such an edge about this angry, almost terrified look in her face mixed with her adoration of polka dots!


  3. yes, she has never been so famous then now...its like: 'older you get more famous you become'
    very nice for her, I always loved her as an artist and I'm a big fan of polka dots....

  4. Love this collaboration!!!
    The other two LV stores I've seen have also had the octopus tentacles in the windows!!
    Soooo fun and definitely a great way to bring even more awareness to her fun work.

  5. Love her work! I was fortunate enough to see the LV store and window displays when I was in NYC, but unfortunately none of the rest. So cool and such a great artist.

  6. I love those spotted octopus tentacles!

    Luxx Mint