Tuesday, November 6, 2012

diamond print

Spotted my own feet somewhere online walking in front of Grand Palais. 
Wearing a quirky combination of patterned pants a la Prada and shiny metallic brogues, all from Pinko again.


  1. You was featured @ Sex on the legs ;)

  2. i didn't know you are a jewelry designer also until i read your interview on the raw book. so nice! pants are lovely

  3. I have seen your photos posted by Rokas Darulis. Simply stunning! I'm really glad to know that both - Rokas and you - I follow for ages somehow have met (!!!) and made these pictures together. It's just hard to express my amazement by using words. Good luck to you, Anni!

  4. this is just soooo sooo cool :) ! i absolutely love following your blog and all the adventures you go on ! <3