Monday, December 3, 2012

festive week

It's only December 3rd and I'm already tired of seeing all those articles on how to survive holiday weight gain, avoid buying-gifts-stress and what to wear to christmas parties. Just relax and enjoy one the best time of year!

I've been feeling the holiday spirit for a week already. Past week included lot of running around and organizing, also made it to an exhibition opening, anniversary ball in school and Anne&Stiil Ilulemmikute Gala, where the magazine gave annual awards to their favourite beauty products and make-up artist Mammu received Ly Ranne's prize for her work in Estonia fashion industry. I was nominated in the model's category.

/With nominees Liis Plato and Mammu/

/Delicious chocolate cake at the gala!/

/Caprifolgio necklace, looks the best with simple t-shirts/

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