Monday, February 18, 2013

atelier vm

Last week in Paris I had a nice chance to spend some time in a small jewelry boutique called La boîte ('a box' in English). 
What a treasure box it was!
 The store was recently opened on quiet rue de l'Echaudé but it's easibly noticable by its diamond sign. 
The mainly carry a jewelry line by Atelier VM from Milan.

It was very interesting to hear about their collection - every piece has a special story and even the littlest details have a meaning.
I started to value this kind of jewelry even more now, its simplicity is just charming!

Atelier VM look book is shot by Francisco Nazardo.

The necklace on left has some occasional knots in the chain and the piece was called something like 'It's doesn't matter / It's nothing'

'Cachemire' necklace as it follows the body just like cashmere

I got myself one of the Tappabuchi earrings on the right. It's a small hook which is perfect when you need something nice and discreet to cover up the ear when wearing something more showy in the other ear. 

Just small details on the rings: 'Io più' ring on the left, a bodychain on the right.

'Stella' earrings


  1. These are beautiful! Thanks alot for doing a blog post about this, seriously, I am in love with every single piece here!

  2. Thanks Anni for this lovely post! Hope to see you soon;

  3. amazing jewelry, so unique
    want want want!