Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ear cuffs in Tokyo

Today I had such a thrilling day here in Tokyo. 
I went to look for the stores that sell my ear cuffs here. It's one company but they have several different concept stores and cafes in Tokyo.

First one of them is Le Grand Bleu in Roppongi.

Next to the store they have a cafe which looking like a jungle in the centre of Tokyo. They have an amazing drink menu with fresh excotic juices and smoothies, I had one called Pink Floyd (guava + mango + papaya + pineapple + peaches + mint).

The other store Bedrock is situated near Harajuku in Omotesando Hills. 
Let alone the clothes, the store itself is worth going to take a look at. It looked like a big cave filled with taxidermy, skulls, feathers, furs, sculptures and other curious items.

Above the store there was again a cafe called Forbidden Fruit. I had citrus paradise sparkling soda (lime + sudachi + rosemary + herbs + soda). It was nothing like the sodas I've had before. A nice new experience again!


  1. That must have been such an exciting experience for you! I would love to visit Tokyo someday! :) xx

  2. i miss tokyo a lot - the city is filled with amazing stores and gems, how exciting! and nice shots here too <3

    Check out my new outfit featuring Suck Is Free label! :)