Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ameyoko Arcade

Ameyoko is one of the only old-fashioned outdoor markets in Tokyo. It's famous as a post-World War II black market ..and well still a lot of fake products of every brand you can imagine were sold there. Besides bargain clothes and shoes you could find a huge selection of dried seafood, herbs and mushrooms

Marvel vending machines. They have vending machines here on every corner and for everything - drinks, snacks, icecream, cigarettes.

There are tapioca drink stalls everywhere and I still haven't tried it! Is it good? What flavour would you suggest?

Shaved ice desserts are very popular here.. I'm not sure.. I'd rather still get an ice cream.


  1. How I love Tokyo and fell in love with the culture when I went there! Great pictures. Romi

  2. I love your pictures of Japan! Keep 'em coming :) Boba (tapioca tea) is the BEST, you've gotta try it! Taro is my fave.

    1. Thank you! I'm super glad to hear that because I love taking photos here.
      I'll give it a try for sure!