Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shimokitazawa fooodies

Shopping always makes me so hungry, luckily Shimokitazawa offered a wide variety of cafes and coffee shops. I was intentionally looking for something least  Japanese-looking and I think I did pretty well. Northside Cafe reminded me of some places in New York or even a little bit F-Hoone in Tallinn.

But still, what I thought was a regular avocado-shrimp salad was covered in very spicy chili powder.

I've probably been drinking least 3-4 bottles of green tea every day. At first it tastes very weird for people who are used to supersweet ice teas like Nestea. Ice teas here are completely natural and unsweetened... and way more popular than coffee.

Later treated myself with crepes generously topped with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream. It was good but really made me want to go back to Paris and eat some authentic crepes.


  1. The thing I miss most about Asia is the food.....

    1. yeshh, I will be missing some stuff you can't get from estonia.. like matcha and black sesame ice cream for example.