Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paris shopping: Nose

Nose is a rather recently opened perfume concept store on beautiful rue Bachaumont, Paris. The boutique is specialized in rare and independent perfume brands, some of which are sold exclusively only there.

Know that feeling when you go shopping for a perfume, don't know where to start, get confused and in the end decide by the design of the bottle or the celebrity in the campaign photo. Nose is all about making your perfume finding experience more pleasant, accurate and easy.

The special part of the store is the way of finding your perfect fragrance. As a first thing you will take a test on an IPad app: enter your previous perfumes to find out the main notes and components you like. The program will look for similar perfumes from the Nose product selection and you're going to smell five recommended perfumes 

You can also take the diagnostic online here and you will be sent  a set of 5 samples of five recommended perfumes.

Put it on your Paris-list if you're looking for a special shopping experience!


  1. so what is your perfect scent Anni?

    1. I actually wasn't looking for a new perfume so I will keep using my old favorite Paris by Balenciaga :)

  2. Wow! This looks like an incredible concept! Would love to pay this place a visit.

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