Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pink Flamingo Pizza - pas comme les autres

Pink Flamingo is a must-do when you're near canal Saint Martin in Paris!
It's a small pizza shop on rue Bichat but easily noticeable by its pink appearance. 
Their menu really was "pas comme les autres" -  like no other. Pizzas were named after remarkable persons and offered really nice combinations. For example we had Basquiat with gorgonzola and dried figs. They also had a Keith Haring special as Haring's exhibition was held at Musée d'art Moderne at the time.

There are four locations in Paris

And the best part? - you can ask them to deliver your pizza to the canal side. They'll give you a pink balloon and after 15 minutes a delivery guy with bike brings your pizza to your preferred picnic spot on the canal side.
So much fun!
I think that after all the fancy restaurants and brasseries, this was the best dinner in Paris.

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