Saturday, September 21, 2013


I assume you can't guess what are these..
I found them from SOL Semilla store in Paris and wasn't sure by myself at first as well. Turns out that those weird stone looking bits are raw cocoa beans covered in maca powder. Of course I bought a pack as I was curious to try out and I didn't have to disappoint. These taste so good and give an instant boost of energy. 
Recently I've been looking for alternative sources of caffeine and energy kick besides coffee as it doesn't seem to work on me anymore. That's why I also got myself a pack of guarana powder, which has 2.5 times more caffeine than from coffee.
Any tips, how do you keep yourself awake, concentrated and joyful?

SOL Semilla was my new discovery near the Canal St-Martin area. It's a combination of a vegetarian restaurant and superfoods store. 

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  1. SUCH cool shots! Btw check out my new Acne Studios outfit post on how we're tired of making statements with our clothes and prefer to have them say "I've finally shut up" lol. Plus there's a GIF of me twerking, HAHAAahahaha...

    xx The Provoker