Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You are the Living Proof

On Monday, after getting back from Stockholm, I dropped by LivingProof presentation in NYC Piano Bar. LivingProof is an American haircare brand, which is now also available in Estonia.
Supposedly the molecules they have invented and patented are revolutionizing the world of beauty.
Regardless the scientific talk, everything's made easy -  just choose between full, restore or frizz series.
I usually don't visit beauty events so it was surprisingly fun and who would have thought that they offer the best mini-hamburgers ever, which were exactly what I needed after the sleepless night and hours of traveling. 

Most of the products are available here

I will keep these two frizz and restore travel kits for the times I have to travel with carry-on baggage only. Those 60ml bottles are perfect when you have to keep that 100ml liquid restriction in mind. …most of the times it means relying on crappy shampoo testers.

.. don't the packages make a good color combination with my new sweater in the background

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