Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mise en Dior double pearl earrings - Do-It-Yourself tutorial

I have been lusting over the Dior double earrings (called Mise en Dior) since they came out and. I couldn't resist making my own 3$ version.
I made a pair but I will be probably wearing only one in the left ear and something more simple in the right.

There's a short tutorial in the end of this post.

Inspiration from Dior


I assure it's the easiest (and maybe cheapest) DIY project ever. The most difficult step is finding plastic pearls that have a hole big enough to fit an earring back.

You need: pearl earrings and matching pearls in bigger size, super glue, a toothpick and rubber earring backs.

1. Press some into the hole of the pearl bead, a toothpick might become handy. 
2. press the rubber earring back into the hole and then leave to dry. So the bigger pearls now become the backs of earrings. 

Of course you don't have to use matching pearls. Options here are endless!


  1. Wow, you're the best! Looks stunning ;3 <3

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  3. Anni, kust sa nii suure auguga pärlid leidsid?

    1. Ma tegelikult natuke puurisin ise auku suuremaks... aga hea mõte on osta nt Expressionist juba mõni valmis pärlkäevõru vms.