Sunday, March 2, 2014


(Loosisin täna välja ka 25€ kinkekaardi võitja, võtan võitjaga peagi ühendust ;) Aitäh kõigile osalemast! )

Besides tidying up my room and putting together moodboards for the new collections this weekend, I also experimented with beauty rituals I usually never have time for. 

I was eager to try out facial scrub set from French organic cosmetics brand Alorée  Chlorocosmetics. Such a name because they are the first to use chlorophyll, a tiny green molecule, in beauty products.

The kit comes with small dish with a spatula, a small jar of exfoliating seeds and sample of radiant mask.

Alorée Detox Facial Scrub Kit (olemas nt Kaubamajas ja

The exfoliating mix is made of olive kernel powder and Alfalfa seeds. That sounded intriguing to me as before I've seen only sugar, salt, coffee grounds and such things used as scrubs.

Probably the fact that you can do and mix something by yourself, makes the whole process more exciting… or I was just too bored before that..
Anyway you have to mix the seeds with a little amount of facial mask or face cleansing gel. This time I used the sample of Radiant Mask that came with the kit.
It seems to me that the amount of seeds will last for at least 10-15 uses.

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