Thursday, May 29, 2014

Speculative Observations

Made a little gallery tour today to take a break from my study sessions for an exam in philosophy. It's the last exam in order to finish high school... and I'm expecting it to be really easy to pass. Fingers crossed I'm right..

Rodrigo de San Martini (Mexico) “Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas” (“Planetaarium: Spekulatiivsed tähevaatlused”).  Opened until June 10 at Y Galerii, Tartu University Church (Jakobi 1, Tartu)
There wasn't very much to look at at the exhibition but it's completed by a diverse side-program. For example there's a print making workshop on Saturday to make your own nocturnal sky. 

The central focus of the exhibition is the question "what do we know about the universe?" in the context of the difference between institutionalized scientific knowledge and personal experience, outdated knowledge, and alternative perspectives. Amongst the majority of the sciences, Astronomy is the discipline that contains a lesser degree of true certainty in its claims, clearly besides the fact of lacking controlled experimentation.

3 rooms willed with black shiny  pipes: listen to the great electronic beat in the background, follow the tubes and find a black diamond... just like in good old computer games. 

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