Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lower East Side

After having to spend some time on Times Square or 5th Avenue, you really start to appreciate more quiet and calm areas like East Village. Yesterday I wandered around St Marks Place all day long and occassionaly sat down in the Tompkins Square Park to rest, read or just daydream.
 St. Marks Place is the extension of 8th Street named for historic, progressive St. Mark's Church in-the-Bower. It's just in just three blocks that stretch from Third Avenue to Tompkins Square Park but packed with various cafes, restaurants, bars and vintage stores.

Almost evey other place here urges you to do a cleanse, detox whatsoever..

However I still had black coffee instead of 15$ juices..

I was already so full of the ice cream I had before but I couldn't resist when I walked past this tiny Japanese street food place where they offered takoyaki and okonomiyaki . Takoyaki means grilled octopus balls, doughy inside and crispy outside,  slathered with  special sauce, topped with ribbons of mayonnaise & garnished with big flakes of dried bonito. Maybe sounds "too interesting" but believe me, it's  love from a first sight... still remember the time when I first tried them in Tokyo. So good! I have to go back there and have okonomiyaki too, those are savory pancakes with crunchy cabbage and pork or shrimp. 
Otafuku x Medetai
220 east 9th street new york, ny 10003

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