Saturday, July 26, 2014

New York

As you may have noticed from instagram, I've been in New York for the last couple of days and going to stay at least a month more. I'm here to do the both - model and as well as work on my jewelry line. This time I'm staying in a model apartment in lower manhattan by East River. That means everything is new and exciting, never before have I had reason to come to Financial District. 

New York has already treated me well and I've already seen so much. To keep up with the tempo of the city, I'm more likely to post on a go so check instagram/twitter/tumblr for more frequent updates.

/brooklyn seen across the river/

/loved these eye mosaics at one of the subway stations/

/One Chase Manhattan Plaza/


  1. ah, Jean Dubuffeti skulptuurid
    nii kade...

    1. Siin on väga lahe, et pea iga public space, park on kaunistatud mõne moodsa hiiglasliku skulptuuri või installatsiooniga.

  2. i love your blog, although i never comment -- just wanted to say how much i appreciate your posts about nyc. it is one of my favorite places and seen from your eye always gives me a different perspective :) i was just there for nyfw from los angeles a couple weeks ago. good luck with your jewelry line and your modeling career! congrats on the zara tshirts, i tried to find them but perhaps they are not being sold in the usa stores? please post a link if you have one. i hope you make it out to la one day, best wishes xx

    1. HI Tala, Thank you so much for commenting! I love hearing from my readers.
      The t-shirts should be everywhere, I got mine from New York 5th avenue store..