Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chelsea Art Walk

Last Thursday I participated in an event called Chelsea Art Walk 2014. That meant all the galleries were opened and welcomed guests with various installations and happenings. Maybe I was too late to the event but I didn't see much happening and most of the shows were rather boring, The only spectacular exhibition I saw was by a Chinese artist Zhang Dali
Zhang Dali: "Square". Read below

The name of the exhibition, Square, is a reference to Tiananmen Square. It highlights the energy, significance, and power of a place that Zhang Dali refers to as “holy” and "brimming with bright light." Widely known throughout The People’s Republic, the Square stands as one of the most significant landmarks in the country. In this exhibition, Zhang Dali's abstraction of Tiananmen acts as a capturing of the holiness he finds there.

The sculptures in the series are pristine white fiberglass casts of migrant Chinese workers in their everyday clothing. Attached, above and amongst these free-standing casts, are flying and resting doves also cast in white fiberglass. The scene that the sculptures craft could be plucked directly out of Tiananmen Square, with one major exception—doves are nowhere to be found in this city center. These scenes are imagined and Zhang Dali can only dream of seeing doves in Tiananmen. The free-flying birds represent the artist’s resolve to reconstruct what Tiananmen symbolizes—wishing it was a place where thoughts, desires for the future, and an individual’s resolve are free to soar. 

Also liked this self-portrait series, forgot the artist though...

And the scenery..

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