Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beacon's closet and Mashbar

Last week I finally met up with Lindsay, a NYU student and blogger who I've known for years through her blog. She was kind enough to show me thrift stores and cafes around Union Square.
Beacon's closet was a mix between thrift and vintage stores aka they had cool and unique stuff with reasonable prices. I found some cheap cashmere sweaters which I couldn't resist although it was +30 degrees outside.

Later we had a little snack at Hu Kitchen, a place serving mostly paleo-friendly, dairy and grain free food.
Also, I was introduced to a mashbar for the first time. You get a small cup of either chocolate chia pudding, cashew cream, taro pudding, vanilla chia pudding or homemade almondbutter and then choose your favourite toppings.
I had Taro TrouBle no-yo: org raw grain-free granola, taro pudding,  seasonal berry, mango, org puffed quinoa. Such a nice alternative to frozen yogurt or ice cream.

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