Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Conversation with Alexander Wang

In the morning before the Alexander Wang x H&M launch party I had a chance to listen to Alexander Wang press conference moderated by US Vogue digital editor Sally Singer. Later on, Margareta van den Bosch, the H&M creative advisor, and formally head of design for H&M for 30 years, joined in too. 
It's amazing how after hearing people talking about their work, it really comes to life and makes much more sense. It's no secret that at first I wasn't so impressed of what I saw from the very first lookbook pictures. It looked way too sporty, over the top and exaggerated with big logos. I love how Susie from StyleBubble put it: Logos flying all over your chest, thighs and legs are both tongue in cheek references to youth-ridden logomania and yesteryear sportswear but also an assertion on Wang’s part that his brand had come of age. Wang said his initial idea was "sports at night": gym clothes which you can wear when going out:  you dance, you move, you sweat.
Wang admitted he don't do any sports but wears sports clothes simply because it's comfortable. Surprisingly many of the items are made in Italy and Wang emphasised how important is the quality, especially when it comes to performance wear. For example when it says "waterproof", it's really water proof not just water resistant. 

from left: Alexander Wang, Margareta van den Bosch and Sally Singer

some of the samples at the press conference

show backstage

Alexander doing his final run!

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