Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Are you ready to line up for Alexander Wang x H&M already this Thursday!

Practical as I am, from whole collection, I chose just this simple grey-black sports bra. This and the water bottle have been very useful now when I took up hot yoga (Bikram yoga). It is challenging as hell as all the poses are done in an heated room (40 degrees Celsius) for 90 minutes. After just two weeks it's hard to tell about all the benefits promised but my skin is definitely glowing and I've learned how to love and appreciate my body more. Before I would have never worked out just in shorts and a sports bra. I just didn't feel comfortable. Now I'm so used to this that I even don't mind seeing myself from mirror for 90 minutes in a  row. It's all about pushing your limits and not giving up. Also, as it's not a good idea to drink coffee, ear starchy and heavy foods prior 2-3 hours to the class, I've started drinking much less coffee and thinking what to put into my body and what not. 

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