Friday, December 5, 2014

Surreal world

Quite often (actually almost always) I find myself browsing through fashion magazines and thinking why the hell we need so many photos in this world... most of them are simply bland, uninspiring and boring. I keep thinking how a big team consisting of photographer, stylist, make-up artists, hair stylists, models, assistants etc spent so much time creating a story and in the end it doesn't have any purpose... On the other hand, some days you see something that restores the faith in fashion and photography. 
Like the story "Surreal World" below.  Well, you can't expect anything less when you have Tim Walker and Tilda Swinton together. 

Tilda Swinton in 'The Surreal World' by Jacob K. & Tim Walker, W Magazine, December 2014.


  1. your words are on point. omg ! youre very right. this is perpetually the art of the year. i love this editorial. calling it an editorial is putting limit to its entirety. i love this so much. TILDA is always always always on her game since day 01

  2. I decided to write this comment, because I think you're really special. I saw your blog in 2010, when I started to be interested in fashion. I remember a beautiful, simple photo of perfume "Beauty by CK" (one of my favourite hah). I created some pics of my outfits, you know, but it was so childish and completely no sense. Now I decided to start a new blog (link). I always loved this specific minimalism and some kind of (I don't know how to describe this) "fashion transparency" posts on your blog. It's like in your post, most of them (I mean photos on blogs) are bland, uninspiring and your blog is totally diffrent. You write smart things and I have the impression that elements on your blog are very well thought out. I can see that you got a great awareness of fashion and art. You add beautiful photos and... You're beautiful! So I wanna thank you so much, because you really inspire me : )
    Oh! And of course I invite you to visit Poland : )