Wednesday, April 15, 2015

at home with H&M Conscious Exclusive

Time to give you a sneak peak of my favourites from H&M Conscious Exclusive collection again!
In my last post I showed you a rather comfortable everyday spring look, my other favourite item from the collection was far from casual - long tight-fit v-neck dress made from recycled polyester covered in beads made from recycled plastic. I love the low rounded neckline at the back, narrow shoulder straps and the mix of mesh, beads and chiffon.

It's nice to ditch the sweatpants and dress up at home for a change! But if I were actually going out in that dress, I'd do the opposite - dress it down with leather boots and an oversized sweater.

Get yourselves ready, H&M Conscious Exclusive lands in stores already this Thursday, April 16. 

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