Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hola, Barcelona!

Next stop, Barcelona! 
Blue skies, sun and sea - exactly what I was longing for after constant rain in Stockholm. I was supposed to go just for one day for a job but decided to stay longer as I had never been to Spain before. The trip came so unexpected that I didn't have time to do any research, all I knew about Barcelona was that it's home for countless of architectural masterpieces by Antonio Gaudi. 

The first day was for a shoot at beach and times skateboarding and having a lunch at beach bar, didn't feel like a serious workday honestly.
 follow the next posts for what I saw and did for the rest of the weekend. 

location for the shoot 

a quick introduction to Spanish cuisine at the lunch break - amazing seafood paella, delicious anchovies, bread with crushed tomatoes and tortilla de patatas - egg omelette with potatoes.

and playing around with the shoot props - skateboards..not that I know how to ride.

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