Thursday, May 14, 2015

"No. 5 in a New Light," Chanel's pop-up exhibit

Meanwhile in New York...

Sometimes I'm just lucky.. like today when I accidentally stumbled upon Chanel pop-up exhibition in Chelsea which I had nothing heard about.

"No. 5 in a New Light,"  is an interactive pop-up exhibition to celebrate one of the most iconic fragrances' 94th birthday. The exhibition guides you through the inspiration, creation, composition and revelation of Chanel No. 5 fragrance.
“Let your senses guide you through the illumination of an icon,” Chanel states on its website. “Discover the facets that make up the world’s first modern fragrance.”

It was such an exceptional experience. First, there are good-looking French men dressed in suits who will personally guide you through the exhibition space to tell the background story. Secondly, it was interactive in a way I've never seen before. 

wave you hand in air to move the rose petals in the pond and read facts about cultivation of No. 5's ingredients. / abstract No. 5 bottle that was very revolutionary at the time for being so simple and minimal. 

And the best part, after the show you can sit down at long table for some arts&crafts. Using stamps and ink pads, customise your own Chanel postcards which you can then post around the world free of charge. 

Obviously whole thing is meant to boost the sales of the fragrance but I loved how discreet it was... There was no gift shop or anything, all visitors were just handed free sample size bottles of Chanel No. 5

reserve your visiting time here to avoid waiting in lines.
May 7 - 17  |  Noon - 8 PM
461 W. 14th Street at 10th Avenue

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