Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Last chance to spend a couple of days in Stockholm because of an editorial job. For some other girls, it would had been an exotic destination but for me felt like almost coming home which was great actually! I was even excited about seeing familiar food at supermarkets or having black bread, cottage cheese and herring for breakfast at hotel buffet. 

I didn't see much neither could I do any shopping as everything closes 7pm, however at least the shooting location was interesting this time. We set up the story at old-fashion café - Valand Kafe Konditori. It was established by German-born lady whose Swedish husband Stellan designed the interior himself in 1954 and absolutely nothing has been changed ever since then: wood panelled walls, chairs and tables made of teak, unique black stonefloor. Can't wait to show the final pictures which will be out in August!
  I have to go back next time for the cakes which I heard are delicious. 

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