Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Deus Ex Machina cafe in Harajuku

amazing matcha lattes and mason jar salads upstairs, awesome exhibition of illustrations downstairs

Deus Ex Machina TOKYO3-29-5 Jingumae, Harajuku, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001

Sunday, June 21, 2015

too cool for school

No, not really... I'm still planning on going to college in the next couple of years, but I really do like Korean beauty brand called too cool for school. Good news, it will be launched in US at Sephora very soon!

What there's not to love about their branding and packaging!
They have several different separate make-up and skincare lines for which they have collaborated with artists to come up with adorable but not supercutekawaiii packages. 
Check (on the left) and Dinoplatz (on the right) 

The store itself looked like some antique&curiosities store which I love! Such a nice change for all the other beauty stores here that and pink, glittery and play awfully bad music.

And it's not all about branding, I've heard the products are actually good. So far I have tried only their McGirly Lemon+Rice Wine face mask (they call it face smoothie though) which left my skin nicely smooth and bright, probably repurchasing! .. I'm tempted to get one of the lipsticks next time I go. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Maison Kitsuné café in Tokyo

Last Saturday I met up with Siiri who is visiting Tokyo with her friend. We walked around and I showed her some of my favourite places in Tokyo (I almost even felt like a local for a second).  Luckily we stumbled upon Café Kitsuné where I had been wanting to go since I first visited their branch in Paris (blogpost). Good coffee, tea and talk (hell yes, it was nice to talk in Estonian for a change). 

Although the cafe is modern and hip, serving one of Japan´s best coffee by baristas trained by  Kunitomo Eiichi, Omotesando Koffee´s founder, I love how they have kept their interior very traditional -  low ceilings, fusuma-style sliding doors, monogramed Japanese cedar parquet floor and bamboo walls.

Kitsune means fox in Japanese so Siiri with her huge fox tattoo was perfect fit in the cafe, although Japanese generally don't approve of tattoos, because these are associated with the Japanese gangsters (the yakuza) so you're not allowed to public pools, resorts and gyms if you have any.  

gluten-free (of course) foxy cookies!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tokyo neighbourhood guide: NAKAMEGURO

Last Sunday I took a 25 minute walk from Shibuya you discover a more quieter area called Nakameguro. It's especially well-known for Meguro river which banks burst into bloom during sakura (cherry blossom season). I'm not gonna give you any addresses because it's best to leave the map home and just wander around the small streets by the river.

Fact time: Towards the end of WWII (March 9th 1945), a firebombing attack on Tokyo timed with high winds burned 286,358 buildings. Eyewitness accounts are clear that burn victims and people fleeing the smoke jumped into the city's rivers including the Meguro river in Nakameguro. Countless bodies ended up in the river. They say that the river got so hot it boiled (probably a myth). Old timers in the neighborhood will tell you there are ghosts in the river.

Nakameguro is a popular destination and residential area for young artists, musicians, hair stylists, designers etc. Narrow streets are packed with trendy cafes, designer boutiques, concept stores and vintage shops. 

LIFE's - lifetsyle store + hot dog and coffee stand

SIDEWALK STAND - sandwich, coffee and craft beer shop inside trendy fashion store. 
1-23-14 aobadai, meguro-ku

a hair salon's owner having a break

Coffee + Mason Jar salad at FELIZ cafe.
this laid back organic cafe had a small menu consisting only of 3 different ayurveda soups and 3 Mason Jar salads. Salad are served in glass jar which you have to shake to mix up the dressing with other ingredients. Later they still bring you a bowl to make eating easier, so I really don't get the point? 
Lunch comes with complimentary drinks, so extra points for that (and the coffee was even ver good, a rare sight!)

COW BOOKS - selling out-of-print books focusing 1960-70s social movements, progressive politics, Protest, the Beat Generation, and first editions of forgotten modern authors.
1-14-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku,Tokyo 153-0042

Make My Day vintage store

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Look of the day - all about comfort

uh black skinny jeans... having a love-hate relationship with them. I wear them almost everyday for castings, but on my days off, I'd rather wear anything else. Therefore the comfy silk shorts with elastic waistband were very welcomed in my wardrobe, found them from a secondhand store in Harajuku the other night.

Thank you for the pics, Siiri (check out her photos on siirikumari.com)
I am kind of curious what the Trump House is..we found it on one of the small side streets in Shibuya. 

/Wearing: sweater - Alexander Wang, shorts - thrift store in Tokyo, bag - & other stories, sneakers - Adidas/

Where do hipsters of Tokyo go

I think I've found a perfect place where to spend Saturday afternoons in Tokyo - commune 246. The atmosphere is super chill and relaxed, old people, young hipsters, families, kids and dogs - all happily together. DJ was playing nice music and countless of stalls were serving organic beer and food. 

I first blogged about  Commune 246 back in July 2013 - read the post here

Amazing dog who seemed to get along with everyone.., so big and yet so elegant 

Siiri tried teriyaki chicken rice bowl

I opted for Hawaiian home-cooking styled food and I must day it was one of the most delicious meals I have had here - grilled prawns with garlic, a lot of veggies and tasty brown rice. 

Look of the day - going school on weekends

knee high socks aren't really my thing but as I got a free pair from a job last week, I decided to go for it - full schoolgirl look with a white button up, navy sweater and short skirt.

/socks - Tabio, sweater - Calvin Klein, shorts - Zara, bag - & other stories/

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New York photo diary on vogue.com / Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov

Head over to vogue.com to check a gallery of Alexandra Elizabeth's polaroids: backstages, trips, behind-the-scenes and other aspects of a model life.
A few of my photographs of Alexandra in were featured too. Ah missing the New York adventures now!

seeking for a prince at China Town fish markets

Classical American Diner time - fries, onion rings and milkshakes!

Pizza slices at Gansevoort Market

Monday, June 15, 2015

#ootd Happy basic white girl with flowers

/wearing: shorts - Zara, Nike sneakers, & other stories bag, Calvin Klein sweater thrifted last weekend in Koenji (read my review of Koenji vintage stores here)/

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Style notes from Tokyo / June 13

Sel nädalavahetusel saab Postimehe Arterist lugeda minu moemärkmeid Tokyost: alates uuest Miu Miu poest kuni stiilsete koolilasteni välja...sinna vahele veel natuke ka potitaimede ja kaktuste vaimustusest. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tokyo as a vintage-shopping heaven: Koenji area

After hours of researching and googling what to do on my free Sunday, I finally came across a tip that suggested taking train to Koenji station. The small area around the station is packed with second-hand stores and nice little bars. 15 minutes later I was already on the Chuo line train off to the vintage paradise (fun fact: The Chuo Rapid Line is known for a high number of suicides, primarily due to the high speed at which some trains pass through stations on the line)

And there I was - confused which way to walk as I saw vintage stores on every little street.. apparently there about 70-80 of those there. Generally they have 3 types of different second-hand stores here: Americana style with loads of US-imported t-shirts, denim, leather  and sneakers, super cute pink kawaii style store catering to girls with pink hair and lollipops, and consignment stores selling slightly worn high-end designer-clothing. Prices are reasonable pretty much everywhere. 

This is so far my most memorable day in Tokyo... I just saw much fascinating and also freaking creepy stuff. 
let the pictures speak for themselves.

Everything Snoopy+Disney is super popular here.

One of those pink and cute stores selling clothing mostly with silly teddybear and heart prints. 

Almost half of the stores were for men only , like this one called Grandberry Jam 

Then I walked up to 4th floor for another store and was greeted my this "scene". This might sound funny now but I was actually frightened because at first I mistook the doll for a real person. The store itself was even weirder - a little dark room with toys, dolls, clothes and twinkling lights hanging down from the ceiling with no space to walk. Creepy but an unique experience for sure.

Back to cute and sweet stuff, this store looked like a real-life Barbie house and was filled with toys and pink clothing. Creepy in a different way...

Toys were piled up even in the changing room! (useful fact: you always have to remove your shoes when entering a changing room in Japan)

And my favourite store ended up being Mouse where I also made my only purchase of the day, a simple black sweater. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shiseido collagen drinks

"Drink Yourself Beautiful" is a very popular beauty concept here in Japan, you can buy collagen infused drinks and gummy candies at every supermarket.
Last Friday there were some new Shiseido beauty smoothies at my job, I tried the one with mango and aloe. While I don't believe it has any actual anti-aging benefits, I sure did look like a 12-years-old.